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Thanks, Turkey! [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • Thanks, Turkey! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Such a great holiday is the Thanksgiving! Now, maybe I’m just a contrarian at heart, and so love it all the more as it gets buried under the dual tidal waves of pumpkin-spiced Halloween and sparkly consumer-frenzy Christmas. (For our non-US friends, Thursday is the Thanksgiving holiday where US families get together for dinner, watch US football or stream marathons, and often have to deal with family members they are thankful they don’t see more often. Most of us will be taking Thursday and Friday off this week to celebrate and recover.)

    For the last couple of years, I’ve done a “thankful” blog this time of year. Sometimes asking our creators and/or the Onyx Path crew to contribute their thanks. This year is a little different, but I’m going to start out the same as we always do. because this really can’t be said enough times:

    We are all so thankful that all of you reading this are part of our energized, often demanding, but always amazing, community. We could not be doing what we’re doing without your support!

    And I am so ...


    Onyx Path
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