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Now Available: Promethean 2e in print! Plus: some 1e Forsaken

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  • Now Available: Promethean 2e in print! Plus: some 1e Forsaken

    Now available in print from DriveThruRPG: Promethean: The Created 2nd Edition!

    Don’t run.*

    Please. I know what I look like. I know you saw me,
    with my stitches and punctures and wires.*

    I know you felt the Fire.*

    It’s not my fault.*

    It’s what I have instead of a soul.*

    It’s how I know I’m alive.*

    Don’t run! I don’t want to hurt you.*

    I’m not trying to hurt anyone.*

    I know it looks like I should.*

    I know you’re afraid — but so am!

    Don’t run! No, don’t scream! Please… I don’t want to run, either.*

    You are a pilgrim now, one of the Created. You rose to life from dead flesh or inert matter, under the ministrations of one of your own, or a mad scientist, or perhaps just the power of the Divine Fire. You wander the world, sometimes alone, sometimes in the blessed company of your own kind, driven by memories of events and facts you never knew, all in the service of one Great Work…

    …to be human.

    Humans don’t make it easy, though. The Divine Fire that animates you burns too bright, blinds people, and scorches the land ...


    Onyx Path
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    I'm sure this isn't the best place to mention this, but when DriveThruRPG sent me the 'PoD discount' email, it showed a price of $46.00 US for the Promethean: the Created Second Edition Print on Demand. The 'regular' price for the same book is $45.18 US. When I attempted to bring this to the attention of DriveThruRPG, they told me:

    It would appear that you have run afoul of Onyx Path's Black Friday Sale. My best suggestion would be to remove the version with the discount you already were eligible for from your cart and take advantage of the sale, which is a slightly better discount. Sales are sometimes better than discounts it would seem, as the discount is off of the regular price.

    ...Um, as far as I can tell, there is NO sale price for the Print on Demand UNLESS it's coupled with the PDF of that book, which I already own. I'd only hoped to let someone know, not just to (almost literally) save a buck...

    Anyway, I ordered the book at the $45.18 price 'coz I can't live without it, but I wanted someone to know that there's wonkiness afoot. I doubt it shall do any good, but there it is.

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