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Leftovers! [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • Leftovers! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Posting after Thanksgiving always seems like bits and pieces of topics and ideas, not unlike the Promethean pictured above; the leftovers that we now take care of one by one.*Since that’s how we at Onyx Path are now handling those messages and pieces of projects we put aside until after the holiday, that’s pretty much the patchwork of conversations we had at our meeting today.

    So, to start off: we released Promethean: the Created 2nd Edition in physical book PoD format to go with the PDF last Wednesday, in case you might have missed it during the holiday craziness. You can read more below in the BLURBS! section, but I do want to mention that developer Black Hat Matt McFarland and his crew of awesome writers did a fantastic job of retaining the mood and feel that was so interesting in first edition, while tweaking those elements that seemed to give Promethean a bum rap.

    The idea that you absolutely had to play solo, or completely destroy any area your character stayed in, or that the Pilgrimage is hard to manage, have ...


    Onyx Path
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