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Cainite Conspiracies: Sand and Dust

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  • Cainite Conspiracies: Sand and Dust

    As the release of the upcoming*The Cainite Conspiracies*for V20 Dark Ages approaches, we reached out to some of the anthology’s authors to get an inside look at their chapters:

    Sand and Dust
    Written by Andrew Peregrine

    I knew from the start I wanted to avoid a story about the Nosferatu being ugly or finding beauty. That has been done before. Also, most Nosferatu are all about Obfuscate, so I wanted to focus on something they aren’t so renowned for, and their ability with Potence led me to consider a Nosferatu knight. Could even a Nosferatu find acceptance among the elite if he proved himself, and what would he have to give up to do so?

    Originally I wanted to set the story during the Crusades, but the dates didn’t quite work, and Jerusalem was too big. I wanted to tell a smaller tale about a less important place. So that naturally led to the Reconquista and the social and religious melting pot of pre-Spain Iberia. With my main character a Spanish knight, I couldn’t resist a few Don Quixote references. In that story, the ...


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