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Well Met at Dragonmeet! [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • Well Met at Dragonmeet! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Daughters of Cacophony from Lore of the Bloodlines by Mark Kelly


    It is always so great to hear from our creative gang after they’ve returned from a convention that has really gone well, and the reports from Dapper Dave Brookshaw and Matthew Dawkins, The Gentleman Gamer, from Dragonmeet in London certainly sound like they had a great time! If memory serves me right, this is not the biggest UK convention, but it has been consistently growing and seems to have built up a very dedicated and friendly group of conventioneers.

    Matthew and Dave hosted an Onyx Path panel and answered questions while handing out a box worth of our 2016-2017 Onyx Path brochures, and they tell me that folks there were thrilled to get their hands on them. The brochures, that is.

    One of the things attendees mentioned was that they’d like to see smaller core books that are less intimidating to new players. Which is interesting as a lot of our thinking recently is making sure that while the long-time fan gets their compiled big book of love for the game ...


    Onyx Path
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