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Chronicling a Dark Year [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • Chronicling a Dark Year [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Funny, it only hit me now after writing it that the blog title means more big-picture, real-world than just Onyx Path’s publishing year. Huh.

    Actually, next week I’ll be taking a look back at the whole year, but this week I’m just focusing on one thing. Our intrepid archivist, Impish Ian Watson loves to hit us with historical tidbits about past releases, and this week was a very cool nugget from our man north of the border: it was a year ago we introduced the Chronicles of Darkness brand to everyone after weeks of working with the very new at the time White Wolf Publishing.



    If ya’ll recall, this was something that WWP needed us to do to further differentiate the World of Darkness*and the New World of Darkness as they began their focus on a new edition for*World of Darkness. Since we really feel that the second editions of lines like Vampire: the Requiem have evolved the lines into settings and games very different from their WoD inspirations, we at Onyx Path are very happy that we can shine a spotlight ...


    Onyx Path
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