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Looking Back the Onyx Path: 2016 [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • Looking Back the Onyx Path: 2016 [Monday Meeting Notes]


    “Foreboding Lands” for Dark Eras Companion illustrated by Brian LeBlanc


    Some notes from meetings, and then the Year In Review.

    First, talked with Eddy about the state of things with the Pugmire Interactive Audio Drama from Earplay, and things sound like they are really moving. Lots of fascinating thinking with how the decision trees work for the reader/player and how to present their choices so that they have enough info to make a meaningful choice, even if the full ramifications in the story don’t reveal themselves until later in the narrative.

    As with anything world building, these early projects all inform and add to the other projects we are doing alongside them. So the work Eddy is doing on this helps develop the Pugmire world further, but also helps Eddy in his thinking about Monarchies of Mau, since he is working on that Early Access right now.

    And bigger picture for Onyx Path, the work on the Pugmire Interactive Audio Drama also relates to the work on the Scion one, and the Wraith one, for that matter. We learn new things on each ...


    Onyx Path
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