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Now Available: Secrets, Festivals, and Whirlwinds

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  • Now Available: Secrets, Festivals, and Whirlwinds

    Now available in PDF and print from DriveThruRPG: Tome of Secrets for V20 Dark Ages!

    Every occult order worth its weight has a library of mystic truths. But the truly wondrous, truly frightening truths require you look deeper. That you delve in long, lost places. These, my friend, are those long, lost places.*

    — Creidne*

    The Tome of Secrets is a treatment of numerous topics about Cainites and stranger things in the Dark Medieval World. It’s about peeling back the curtain, and digging a little deeper. Inside, you’ll find:

    Expanded treatment of Assamite Sorcery, Koldunic Sorcery, Necromancy, and Setite Sorcery
    A look at Cainite knightly orders, faith movements, and even human witchcraft
    Letters and diaries from all over the Dark Medieval World

    Also available in advance PDF: Reap the Whirlwind Revised for Vampire: The Requiem!

    Welcome to the Chronicles of Darkness.

    A world like our own, but glitzier, sexier, and much, much bloodier. You are one of the Kindred, the immortal predators that stalk the world between the streetlights.

    You are also a vampire, a junkie. Every night, you beg and you borrow and you steal just a little more ...


    Onyx Path
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