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Hurt Locker: Droning On And On

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  • Hurt Locker: Droning On And On

    So, Hurt Locker’s out. Great stuff, right?

    One request I got was more on drones. There’s a Style Merit for drone piloting, but we didn’t detail any drones. There were a few reasons for that. One was space. Another was that the drone style just sort of came out of a writer’s idea pile, but we didn’t really make room to elaborate. We figured people would take those ideas and run with them a bit.

    But, it’s the holiday season, I’m feeling generous, and I just got done playing the hell out of Watch Dogs 2. So, I threw down some drone rules. These are still relatively barebones. I offer five sample drones, running the gamut of RC cars, small consumer gyrocopters, bomb disposal robots, commercial aircraft, and military attack drones. Then, I offer a simple system for modifying them.

    If you use these in your games, I’d love to hear how they go.

    Here’s drones.


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