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2016 Year in Review: Matthew Dawkins

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  • 2016 Year in Review: Matthew Dawkins

    Illustration for Dark Ages Companion by Felipe Gaona

    Most fun project: The*V20 Dark Ages Companion was my first solo development project. To develop and write for a book set in my favourite Vampire era was superb fun. Something I added to the outline for this book was that I wanted the writers to make it the book everyone refers to as “that brilliant sourcebook with all the cool stuff inside.” I genuinely feel we hit that mandate, with strong material on multiple domains, a streamlined combat system, an excellent chapter on era-appropriate arms and armour, detailed clan apocrypha to provide players with a host of new options, and even a mini bestiary for when you want your coterie to go off the beaten path. I’m proud of my writers, and myself, for the work that went into this book.

    Most interesting research: In A World of Darkness 2nd Edition, and a couple of other Vampire sourcebooks, allusions are made to vampires native to South America. These lines are never defined, but within the Beckett’s Jyhad Diary‘s chapter “The Drowning of Rasputin” ...


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