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2016 Year in Review: Stew Wilson

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  • 2016 Year in Review: Stew Wilson

    Most fun project: W20 Shattered Dreams was the most fun project I worked on this year. It’s the most ambitious book that we’ve produced for W20 in terms of sheer scope — originally, the book focused on the it looks at the life and wars of the Changing Breeds around the Wars of Rage. The first War of Rage covers 70,000 BCE through to 2,000 BCE, while the second runs from 1492 CE to the fall of Bat in the mid 17th Century. Beyond that, the additional material that we were able to add as stretch goals allowed us to include the War of Tears for the first time, as well as the wars between shapeshifters long before the humanity’s existence. Tying all of this together is not one but two chronicle structures, so the majority of the book can be used in a modern game.

    Most interesting research: The coolest research references were for Signs of Sorcery. Tome of the Mysteries introduced Ars Novum, magical tools derived from the modern world, and Tome of the Watchtowers expanded the correspondences and ...


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