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  • The Long Solo [Vampire: The Requiem]

    Hi, folks!

    As the new year begins, we’re in the final stages of development on*A Thousand Years of Night. One of the big points of this project is to provide frameworks for making history meaningful in your games.*And something I love in vampire media is flashback scenes that show us our elders in previous lifetimes.

    In order to facilitate playing flashbacks on the spot,*A Thousand Years of Night includes dynamic scenes you can insert into a session, with sample stakes, and roles for multiple players. I’d like to share a few!

    (These scenes are written by Matthew Dawkins, and inspired by the framing scenes from*Hurt Locker, as conceived by David Hill and Malcolm Sheppard.)


    What better cause to persist for centuries than the unsolved mystery, the Machiavellian scheme, and the political competitiveness of Kindred? Vampires pursue intrigues lasting centuries, conspiring to one-up each other in the fields of influence, power, and blood potency. Grudges linger, mysteries expand to encompass further mysteries, and elders pull the strings of neonates attempting to wade through the morass of plots. The instigation of intrigues and the beats at ...


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