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Fiction Friday: The Strix Chronicle Anthology

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  • Fiction Friday: The Strix Chronicle Anthology

    From Joshua Alan Doetsch’s*Lullay, Lullay:

    My windshield is a moth-gore massacre. The wipers make it worse. The road is all cricket croons, whispering leaves, and groans-by-night corn — all things that make monsters nervous. We crossed roads even fends fear to tread. Four domains. Four temperamental dead guys. Not a hitch. But there’s one last stop.

    The woods are lovely, dark, and deep, but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep. That whole bit.

    I kill the engine under blinking neon. It’s a strip club off of I-39, surrounded by farmland, the smell of diesel, and nothing and nothing, just north of Normal.

    The animated lights do lewd things through the blur of glowing guts. She looks up at me from the passenger seat, from under her red hood — escaping strands of dark hair, a nine-year old grin, and those big, big eyes.

    “You better wait out here,” I say.

    “OK, Daddy.” She kisses my cheek. A goofy grin breaks my goonish face. Suddenly
    it’s all worth it.

    Out of the car, into the halogen-bright lot, and then into the music-throb dark.

    “Here ...


    Onyx Path
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