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MidWinter is Coming. [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • MidWinter is Coming. [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Yes. We’re headed out this week to the MidWinter Convention in Milwaukee!

    It’s going to be cold.

    It’s also going to be a great chance for fun, edumacation, and making deals and brainstorming projects. See the notes in the BLURBS! section, below.

    I’m planning on bringing a folio of character art from both Pugmire and the new signature characters from Monarchies of Mau, so hit me up while we’re there and I’ll give ya a sneak peek.



    Beast: Conquering Heroes art by Avery Butterworth



    This week, Rose and Matt continue to grow into their full time positions with serious work on our infrastructure, and conversations with our Devs. Many Google docs and Excel spreadsheets were started and consulted.

    They will both be at MidWinter, and my plan is to have a mini-summit where we look at both current projects and our possible releases for the next three years. I doubt we’ll get into new gamelines, but we’ll be devoting serious thought to the White Wolf lines, and Scion 2e and the Trinity Continuum and how all these lines need to fit together.

    So, most of our ...


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