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Now Available: Night Horrors: Conquering Heroes, Heresies in print!

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  • Now Available: Night Horrors: Conquering Heroes, Heresies in print!

    Now available as advance PDF from DriveThruRPG,*Night Horrors: Conquering Heroes for Beast: The Primordial! Conquering Heroes is the first*Night Horrors book in seven years, since January 2010’s Night Horrors: The Unbidden! We’re delighted to bring this series back for the first time for the 2nd Edition Chronicles of Darkness.

    Sure, you can do what you want, feed from the locals, and go back to hiding in your lair when you’re done.*

    You may think you’re safe there, it sure feels safe.*

    But, you aren’t the only thing connected to the Primordial Dream, and no lair is safe from what lurks beyond.*

    Don’t fool yourself.

    — Naomi Walker, Ugalla

    A Night Horrors Sourcebook for the Beast: The Primordial RPG
    This book includes:*

    An in-depth look at how Heroes hunt and what makes a Hero, with eleven new Heroes to drop into any chronicle.
    A brief look at why Beasts may antagonize one another, with seven new Beasts to drop into any chronicle.
    Rules for Insatiables, ancient creatures born of the Primordial Dream intent on hunting down Beasts to fill a hunger without end, featuring six examples ready to use in any ...


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