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Fiction Friday: Songs of the Sun and Moon

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  • Fiction Friday: Songs of the Sun and Moon

    From*The Way of Endings by Bill Bridges:

    Tom stood up and wiped the dirt from his pants. “Okay, I’ll play along. I assume this is some sort of weird initiation ceremony your ‘tribe’ is putting me through for some reason. But I’m game. So, what’s next?”

    Maggie pointed at the rabbit painting. “I need to open the inner door, and that painting is the clue. I think it’s from that other story you mentioned, where Lynx chases down Rabbit through many guises.”

    Tom nodded. “The one where Rabbit uses his m’téoulin powers to escape over and over.”

    “Right. I remember something about Rabbit throwing those bark chips in the air and leaping on them, one by one, so he didn’t leave any tracks.”

    “But Lynx circles Rabbit’s empty lodge, in an ever-widening arc, until he catches the scent.”

    Maggie threw her arms around Tom. “I could kiss you!” She jumped away from him and ran to the center of the room. “Circles! That’s it. The Gauntlet is too thick here, old strong magic. But circles, like in the old story… we just have to keep going ...


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