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Sariras: Relics of Ascension [Mage: The Awakening]

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  • Sariras: Relics of Ascension [Mage: The Awakening]

    The upcoming Signs of Sorcery is about all forms of Supernal contact with the Fallen World. One of the topics it covers is Artifacts and related magical items. You’ll have to wait for the book to read about Eidoforms, Astras, and Manteions, but here for your reading pleasure is the section on Sariras.

    First mentioned in Awakening’s first edition corebook as “Crystal Dragon Bones,” but not fully explained until Imperial Mysteries, Sariras are the after-effects of a mage Ascending. They’re highly prized by the Awakened, both as inspirational relics and for their use as powerful Artifacts. They’re written up in Signs by Mage freelancer extraordinary Malcolm Sheppard. In this example, I think Malcolm hit “Peak Mage.”

    Some willworkers believe that when a mage Ascends, her soul discards her body for the Supernal Realms, but dedicated scholars know that Ascension takes body and soul. An Ascension might appear to leave a body behind, but it’s actually a Sarira: a duplicate made of solidified Resonance and traces of the departed mage’s Nimbus.

    A Sarira doesn’t look exactly like a corpse. Its bones turn to crystal. ...


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