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Fiction Friday: Tales from the Age of Sorrows

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  • Fiction Friday: Tales from the Age of Sorrows

    Today we bring you an excerpt from*A Resting Place at the Heart of the Mountain, by Richard Dansky:

    There was a stone bench by the side of the lake, a stone bench and that was all.

    The bench, it must be said, was a marvel. Close inspection would have revealed that it had been carved where it stood from a titanic block of basalt, polished to a gleaming blackness that somehow stayed cool in even the worst of the*summer heat. Its legs were one with the bones of the earth, its graceful curves melding with the unyielding stone beneath the carefully manicured meadow in which it stood. A single rough path led to it from the abandoned manor house in the distance; before it spread the calm and unruf?ed expanse of a nameless lake whose surface neither fsh nor waterfowl dared disturb without much trepidation. Trees could be seen at a respectful distance, ?owering cherry and red-leafed maple obscuring the horizon as they bowed their heads to the wind.

    And on the bench sat a woman. Small of frame, she wore a simple ...


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