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Werewolf? There Wolf! [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • Werewolf? There Wolf! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    That’s right! The big news for us last week, beyond all the national and international doings, was the announcement from the new White Wolf Publishing that they had signed a deal for a Werewolf: the Apocalypse computer game for PC and console!

    You can find the press release here:

    We’re absolutely thrilled here at Onyx Path central, both because we can hardly wait to play it, but also because this is the first of the fruits of WWP‘s last year’s worth of effort in getting the World of Darkness licensed out (the way things should have been happening the last ten years).

    In a lot of ways, they are playing catch up, but the point is that they’re actually getting contracts signed that gets WoD into different media. This is what they said they’d be doing, and what we said they’d be doing, and it’s just the start.

    A brace of points, though, in response to things being brought up after the announcement:

    Heart of Gaia was cancelled, what, 15-20 years ago? Let it go, people! Whatever it was going to be then, would ...


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