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BraaaaZillll!!! [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • BraaaaZillll!!! [Monday Meeting Notes]


    Brazil is the topic of the day, today, for a variety of reasons.

    1) Last week I received a bunch of pics and notes from our friends at Cronistas das Trevas who ran a Chronicles of Darkness Day all across Brazil that demonstrates that the Brazilian tabletop RPG scene is exploding! 160 people in 14 different cities (double the number of cities from last year!) sat down to play Chronicles of Darkness games. It sounds like a great time was had by all!

    Maybe one of these years some of us Onyx Path folks can join you down there for the day…

    Here is the website, and a few pics I pretty much randomly pulled to share with you all:



    These folks played two games while podcasting!


    2) Cursed Necropolis: Rio is getting set for approvals and then out as a Backer PDF to the Mummy: the Curse KS backers. It is the last of the KS Stretch Goal rewards, and while it took us a much longer time to deliver everything from that KS, it feels great to have delivered (almooost) such ...


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