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Fiction Friday: Truth Beyond Paradox

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  • Fiction Friday: Truth Beyond Paradox

    Today we look at Seanan McGuire’s*Shadows Cast by the Memory of Giants from*Truth Beyond Paradox.

    I studied my re?ection in the mirror, searching, assessing, looking for a ?aw I could hang myself upon – something I could point to and say, “There, you see? Most of this is magic, most of this is art, and alchemy, and someone else’s rules… but that piece there, that crooked tooth, that freckle, that discoloration, that’s me, that’s mine.”

    There was nothing. Of course there was nothing. The people who’d been responsible for remaking me, like turning lead into gold, had done their jobs perfectly; there were no errors to find. Everything I saw was ?awless, in a soft, boring way that left no hooks in the heart. They’d transformed me from someone who was plain but memorable into someone lovely but perfectly forgettable.

    Laughter bubbled up my throat, as thick and bitter as vomit. I pressed a hand over my mouth, pushing it back. This was what I’d always said I wanted. This was the future I’d bartered five years of my life to claim, with ...


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