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Winter Flu Goes To The Dogs Edition [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • Winter Flu Goes To The Dogs Edition [Monday Meeting Notes]


    It’s my turn for the annual winter fever and hacking coughing chest cold.


    I’m going to digress right now, but you’ll see that this lil story will link my cold and the next subject of discussion today:

    When I was in grad school, pure luck gave me a chance to have the first puppy I ever raised. She was half Dalmatian and half Pit Bull and gorgeous and strong. Her name was Wee Bea. While she was still in her first year, I came down with one of these awful colds. So bad, I was shaking with chills even covered with the few blankets we had (we were poor students and didn’t have much in the way of bedding).

    As I was laying there and my teeth were actually chattering, Bea climbed up on the bed and sprawled her full body length over mine. Which she had never done before as she preferred curling up under the blankets next to me when she was allowed on the bed. She stayed on top until my fever broke later that night, and just like that ...


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