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Fiction Friday: Rites of the Blood

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  • Fiction Friday: Rites of the Blood

    This week we look at*The Price, the opening fiction from*Rites of the Blood.

    “Knowledge always comes at a price. Whether that price is paid in blood, security, or spirit, Vrisa, there is always a cost.” Shick-shick-shick went the knife along the leather strap, sharpening its blade to an impossibly fine edge. The little old man paused, eyeing the knife’s razor point, and then went back to sharpening.

    “The first hunt was a Tremere. You can guess why, of course. They say the Usurpers stole Salubri power and Salubri blood — but they took their immortality from the Tzimisce! What is the greater crime, I ask you?” He grumbled. “Revenge was the order of the day.

    “Now it seems those fires have cooled. More’s the pity.” Shaking back a shock of white hair, the old man gave a gravelly chuckle. “I knew their magic when they were humans crawling on the earth like worms on sodden graves. To think, they took Tzimisce vitae, our knowledge of the spirits and the energies of the land, and they cocked it all up. Rats in their Hermetic ...


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