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Cough- Back In -hack- The Saddle -cough Cough- Again [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • Cough- Back In -hack- The Saddle -cough Cough- Again [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Three Suns Standing by Gunship Revolution for the Exalted 3rd Jumpstart.


    Feeling a lot better, but am still fighting the last bits of this flu or whatever it is. Last week, though, was a sort of semi-conscious staggering from the one thing I could focus on each day to trying to rest/medicate/cough this thing out until the next day and the one thing I could concentrate on that day. And so on.

    I did manage to work with BackerKit to send out the links for the Backer PDF for Pugmire. There was a hiccup on coding that they fixed pretty fast, all things considered, and then I not only Locked Down the pledges, but charged them for any additional Add-ons they might have added on to their pledges.

    I think the timing for these three steps basically worked as intended by BK, so that’s good to see happen with our first use of their system. Next will come the address corrections right before shipping; so a few months down the line. Until we Shut Down the project then, anybody interested can still ...


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