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Fiction Friday: Curse of the Blue Nile

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  • Fiction Friday: Curse of the Blue Nile

    Today we look at*Father of Ab, a story by Lisa Morton from the Curse of the Blue Nile anthology for Mummy: The Curse.

    Nebet’s tomb was set into a hillside, and opened onto a large enclosed yard that displayed obvious great wealth. Even though it was night, the air was warm, smelled of smoke, and a slight reddish glow covered the sky, blocking out any stars.

    “Where are we?” Nebet asked, eyeing the luminescent, blue pool before her, surrounded by tile, stone, and plants she knew had never grown in Irem. Gonzalez answered, “The city of Los Angeles.” As he saw her pause and stare into the sky, he added, “…on the western edge of the North American continent.”

    Nebet turned her attention to the three men with Gonzalez, who seemed to represent a variety of races: one looked like a traveling merchant she’d once met from the Far East, one looked like Gonzalez, and one had pale skin the hue of the simple white shroud she wore. “None of you look Iremite.”

    Gonzalez smiled. “Los Angeles is a melting pot, and the Tef-Aabhi ...


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