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Bucking Broncos! [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • Bucking Broncos! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Parting the Waters from the Ex3 Jumpstart by Gunship Revolution


    First, for those of you following what I never intended to be a saga: it turns out I have not just a cold or the flu, but bronchitis. The doctor has me on antibiotics, and I am actually feeling better. So, hopefully I only have to ride this bucking broncho for a while longer. Thanks to everybody who sent in “get well” messages!

    The other bronco the gang here at Onyx Path have been riding for a couple of days, and was the subject of much of our meeting today.

    (The official one. My meeting with Eddy was mostly talking about how David Tennant’s Doctor parsed with his Purple Man on Jessica Jones.)

    I’m referring to the upset in our community after the Vampire and Mage interactive fiction Preludes were released last week by Asmodee under license from the new White Wolf Publishing. If you want to look it all up, the details are out there. For us, Matt McElroy and I have been talking with WWP about this issue since last week ...


    Onyx Path
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