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Fiction Friday: America Offline

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  • Fiction Friday: America Offline

    Today we take a peek at*Oversight, the opening fiction from*America Offline: Psi Order Orgotek & FSA Sourcebook for Trinity’s 1st edition.

    Subject: Invitation
    From: Arthur Bengali, Sierras Management Corporation, Yosemite Park
    To: Leslie Contarkis; Chris Fortier; Gabrielle Whitbloom
    Encryption: SPE
    Transmission Type: textfile
    Date: 08:19:31 03.08.2120

    Greetings from your friends at Sierras Management Corporation! Each year we like to have special events for our friends in the Central Security Agency. This year we have brand new climbing and gliding systems to display!

    We’ve selected your names at random from the list of guests. Please respond if you’d like to be the first to use our new systems.

    >>> end transmission <<<

    Fortier and Whitbloom accepted the invitation within the hour. Leslie Contarkis didn’t. Since Bengali went through the guest list looking for agoraphobic guests, he wasn’t surprised. Now he’d have some time alone with the potential defectors.

    For a half-hour, he did exactly what SiMag expected him to. The “lucky winners” found the biotech ascenders startling at first, then they grew delighted with the sensation of going hand-over-hand up sheer rock faces. Fortier wanted to know technicalities, so Bengali described how ...


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