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Fiction Friday: The Cainite Conspiracies

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  • Fiction Friday: The Cainite Conspiracies

    This week we look at*Acts of Cruelty by Justin Achilli, a piece from the V20 Dark Ages anthology The Cainite Conspiracies.

    Nojus petitioned the eldest Cainite in the domain of nearby Voruta, troubled at the foulness of the acts that had the mortals of the city reaching for their brands. His brood had nominated him for his wisdom and esteem to make the trip to Voruta, distant from their own domain, but along the well-traveled paths worn first by mortal feet then by the undead in their wake. Voruta, where the king-to-be Mindaugas would shield himself within stony walls from the ill-tempered Duke*Vykintas, but where now ruled Egl?, the widowed bride of a dead lord who once
    dwelt beneath the sea that foamed blood at his passing*.

    “The monster Gabija has broken none of our ways,” Egl? rebuked. “Evil as the acts may be, they are no crime.” She offered a cup of cold blood, decanted from a beaten-silver carafe. It was how she preferred it, absent the passions of a living vessel, with the humours found in fresh blood separated by the ...


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