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Something New Approacheth…[Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • Something New Approacheth…[Monday Meeting Notes]

    Yes, we are actually closing in on the Kickstarter for Justin Achilli’s casual vampire card game, Prince’s Gambit. This is the first time Onyx Path will be offering a card game on Kickstarter, so it is a very new thing for us. And as we have heard it said: Anything done for the first time unleashes a demon!

    Hopefully, in this case, we’re unleashing a demonic whirlwind of fun. But, I guess we’ll see. Certainly the playtesters who have had several iterations of the game to play through have seemed to really like it – especially this latest version!

    As I always am before a Kickstarter, I’m nervous as to whether we’ve presented the game right and enough backers will get engaged with the project. So, I’m still fine-tuning the writing and presentation. It’s not a particularly complicated Kickstarter set-up, in fact, it’s our simplest. And the project is not at all expensive to back. In fact, a single deck of cards provides endless gameplay for you and 5-7 friends.

    But still, I fret.



    Shapeshifter for M20 Book of Secrets by Ken Meyer, ...


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