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Allegiance: Archangel [Trinity Continuum]

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  • Allegiance: Archangel [Trinity Continuum]

    The astute among you may have noticed that the Trinity Continuum rulebook has (finally) moved up the production list. The bottleneck I’ve previously mentioned has been cleared thanks to the tireless efforts of Danielle Harper, who is now acting as our Storypath developer after the departure of Neall. Neall kept saying he had his own game line to develop, but he kept talking about “psions,” and I’m pretty sure we only have one psion game in development. Weird.

    Please give a warm welcome to Danielle!

    In celebration, I figured it was time to drop another Allegiance teaser. Archangel comes to us from Jack Norris. As usual, bear in mind that this particular section is draft material and not yet fully developed.


    Archangel is an organization started by Count Raphael Orzaiz, sometimes known as Orzaiz the Elder, to aid those without the power and influence that too often leads to exceptional action and attention for their troubles. The group focuses on locating and assisting those who find themselves in dire situations where conventional authorities are unable to assist. “Helping the helpless” is both the ...


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