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Fiction Friday: Scion: Hero

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  • Fiction Friday: Scion: Hero

    Today we look at a slice of Carl Bowen’s*Birthright,*the introductory fiction from the first edition of*Scion: Hero:

    *The next morning, Eric awoke hearing a conversation about wars in the Holy Land. The television was on and broadcasting the news. He sat up to blearily paw around for the remote and was shocked to find Sylvester, the desk clerk, sitting in the vinyl chair beside his bed. The lanky fellow clicked the TV off and smiled at Eric, as if his being there weren’t at all strange.

    “Morning!” Sylvester said. “I let myself in.”

    “What are you doing in here?” Eric snapped. He jumped out of bed in his boxers to loom over the intruder.

    Sylvester cringed and tried to put on a charming smile. “Housekeeping?”

    Eric snatched him up by the shirt in one hand and drew back a fist. “I said…”

    “Okay, okay!” Sylvester said, pleading for peace with splayed hands. “I just wanted to talk. This seemed
    like the best way to get your attention.”

    Eric’s eyes narrowed, but he lowered his fist. He realized he’d lifted Sylvester completely off the ground like the man weighed ...


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