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Fiction Friday: The God-Machine Chronicle

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  • Fiction Friday: The God-Machine Chronicle

    Today’s slice is a look at*Road Gospel*by Chuck Wendig, as featured in The God-Machine Chronicle Anthology.*Road Gospel originally appeared in*World of Darkness: Midnight Roads.

    Under the light of her crooked lamp, I could see that Mom didn’t look so good. Sitting there in the ratty recliner, I knew she was old, but she wasn’t that old. In the pale light of the poorly lit house, her skin almost looked translucent. The way it hung off her in places, sags of skin unanchored to muscle or bone.

    “You sick?” I asked her. “Be straight with me, Mom.”

    She waved it off, held out a plate of macaroons. I took one, but noticed that she wasn’t looking at me. Her eyes were searching over my shoulder.

    The window. She was looking out the front window.

    “It’s night, Mom. What do you think you’re gonna see out that window?”

    “Nothing.” She said it too fast. Too sharp and short. Brittle hands tightened.

    “You sure? Someone been bothering you?” Not that I knew who such a someone*could even be, given that the town appeared to have very few people left in ...


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