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Now Available: More Requiem Bloodline Shirts!

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  • Now Available: More Requiem Bloodline Shirts!

    Unfortunately, Rich didn’t get the proofs he was waiting for in time to have any new books on sale this week. Fortunately, that means we get to further fill out our shirt selection!

    These bloodlines go all the way back to the first edition Vampire: The Requiem rulebook.

    Daeva: Toreador
    Gangrel: Bruja
    Mekhet: Morbus
    Nosferatu: Burakumin
    Ventrue: Malkovians


    Although it uses Masquerade rather than Requiem, we encourage you to check out our Kickstarter for the Prince’s Gambit, which has just hit its second stretch goal since we started it yesterday at noon. The Prince’s Gambit is a social deduction card game where you each play a Camarilla member of one of the city’s clans, vying for the prince’s favor by completing Intrigues, while the Sabbat infiltrators among you secretly try to tear everything down.


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