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Fiction Friday: Demon: The Descent

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  • Fiction Friday: Demon: The Descent

    Today we take a preview of Enemy Action,*the opening fiction from*Demon: The Descent:

    Ms. Book and Kyle stood at the police cordon, looking at the wreckage strewn across the clearing. Book spoke briefly to an officer, then jerked her head, signaling Kyle as she strolled nonchalantly back to the car.

    “What’s going on?” Kyle asked.

    “They are still claiming a light aircraft crashed in the park,” she said, tapping at her emergency phone.


    She raised a single finger. Quiet. Then dialed Mr. Knight. The other demon gave the correct recognition sign in Swahili. Kyle stared at his feet as he listened. He made out “Cougar Mountain,” in among the foreign language.

    Ms. Book locked the phone’s screen and returned it to her jacket.

    “What is that? It’s not an aircraft,” he asked again.

    “It is the remains of an angel.”

    “A … dead?”

    She remembered to shake her head. “Not dead. Fallen. The police haven’t found a pilot and they won’t — what’s lying out there is everything that came away when he Fell.” She thought for a moment, then added, “Like a cocoon.”

    They reached the car and she ...


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