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Fiction Friday: The Hunters Hunted II

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  • Fiction Friday: The Hunters Hunted II

    Today we take a look at*Here Goes Everything, the introductory fiction from*The Hunters Hunted II.

    My own involvement in events unfolding on our doorstep occurred a few days before Christmas last year. Another headline you’ll probably remember: “CHRISTMAS CHAOS!” No one knew the exact reason why riots broke out across the city on those cold December nights. The media speculated they arose from the economic problems facing the people, compounded by the almost obligatory consumerist frenzy of the holiday season. I saw them with my own eyes, though I wish to God I hadn’t.

    I was heading back from a party that night. I’d drunk enough to mean I couldn’t drive home, but not enough to impair me beyond reasonable action, so I took the subway most of the way back across town. I was coming out of the station… I still remember the moment, all too vividly. The cold wind, the rain on the verge of turning to snow, the sound of crying and screaming, and the wild sound of feet rushing past on the streets around me. And then they ...


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