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Goblin Contracts [Changeling: The Lost]

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  • Goblin Contracts [Changeling: The Lost]

    Hi, folks! As mentioned on the forums, I’m picking up development on*Changeling: The Lost, Second Edition. I’ll be joined by frequent*Chronicles of Darkness writer Meghan Fitzgerald.

    Today, I’d like to preview Goblin Contracts and Goblin Debt they encourage you to rack up. As the team was*discussing how to implement them in the new edition, we decided that we wanted to do something that relates the costs of these Contracts directly to the roles hobgoblins play in the Hedge, and that plays with the boundaries between different types of faerie creatures.

    Click here for the preview.

    In addition to these systems and powers for player characters, Chapter 5 will feature guidelines on building hobgoblins, as well as several examples. For now, I’ll just say that reading the draft had me cackling with both glee and fear.


    Onyx Path
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