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    Hey, buckaroos. As part of our tradition of openness, we’re giving you a look behind the scenes at how a game comes together. Early in the production process, Scion 2nd Edition was going in a very different direction, a direction which had to be scrapped at the last minute and*at great expense. A sample of some of the tie-in fiction from that early incarnation of Scion 2nd Edition, Frost Giant Butt Warriors, has been placed on DriveThru for your reading, uh, pleasure. Although we’ve found no author name attached to this, we fired Neall just in case.

    Eric Donner just can’t seem to catch a break. Once a monster hunter at the top of his game, a string of bad luck has sent Eric scrounging around Asgard. Things go from bad to worse when Ice Giants invade the realm of the gods, a new breed of warrior that specializes in hot, gay, anal poundings the Æsir fear. Little do they know Eric is no stranger to this kind of combat….

    Note that this is labeled as an Adult item, so you’ll need ...


    Onyx Path
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