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It’s In the Cards x1000 [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • It’s In the Cards x1000 [Monday Meeting Notes]

    How Intriguing!

    I know, bad joke. (More on that later). But excellent Intrigue cards from the Prince’s Gambit social-deduction card game, pictured above. Our Kickstarter is just finishing up its first two weeks and we’re already 400% funded and have reached over 1000 backers!

    That last factoid is actually really significant, as it’s a milestone I love to see with our KSs. I think in comic book publishing that’s called the Golden Thousand, and applies to a creator who can rely on that many fans, at least, picking up and talking about their latest work. Get that amount, they say, and you have enough voices out there to spread the word about every project you publish.

    And in general, it is just fantastic that 1000 people are excited about our little card game!



    Illustration by Pat McEvoy for V20 Dark Ages Companion



    Thanks to all of you that joined us for our AMA last week on Reddit. Mostly about Prince’s Gambit, the questions were fired at us fast and furiously and were all over the place. It was great- thanks to all of you ...


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