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What if the Salubri survived? [V20: Dark Ages Companion]

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  • What if the Salubri survived? [V20: Dark Ages Companion]

    Greetings, fellow Cainites!

    The title of this blog is the kind of question to make fellow writer and developer Neall Raemonn Price disturbingly euphoric. He has an odd fetish for those three-eyed soul-sucking demonspawn learned vampires know as “Salubri.”

    Well, V20 Dark Ages Companion is coming soon, so I thought I’d post to the blog about it.

    Illustration by Pat McEvoy for V20 Dark Ages Companion

    As covered in previous posts, V20 Dark Ages Companion profiles several domains around the known world, including a couple largely unaffected by the War of Princes, rise of the Inquisition, or fall of the Salubri. In Mangaluru, on the west coast of the country we now call India, the War of Princes’ tendrils fall short of plunging a domain into war. The Long Night persists, and the Salubri rule in concert with the Danava and Ravnos, each of them preying on different castes of kine.

    V20 Dark Ages Companion allows us as writers, and you as Storytellers and players, to explore new realms and play chronicles of Vampire: The Dark Ages in different styles to the typical feudal, ...


    Onyx Path
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