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Fiction Friday: Dreams of Avarice

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  • Fiction Friday: Dreams of Avarice

    Today we look at part of the Translator’s Preface of*Dreams of Avarice, an artifact book for Mummy: The Curse written by Malcolm Sheppard.

    The groups had weird profles: multi-ethnic, but never members of the usual channels for foreign fghters. No Qurans, but no alternative literature either. They weren’t anarchists, communists, Ba’athist revivalists, local monarchists, or anything else that fit our early conflict models. They had money, but never too much cash in one spot, and that meant they had steady incomes. Yet the biggest anomaly sat far outside my area of expertise. Sometimes the usual people took them out with bombs, rockets, and guns, but sometimes they died after weirder events like meteor strikes and earthquakes. That’s why it turned into a No-Name Gang affair.

    Whoever turned these people’s homes into graves paid special attention to texts. I found burned, shredded, and buried pages. In each case, the content was the same, but written in various languages, with the broken-telephone artifacts that accompany translations. They were parts of a broken Rosetta Stone. I could almost taste the original language, and called it ...


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