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A walk in the Hedge [Changeling: The Lost]

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  • A walk in the Hedge [Changeling: The Lost]

    Hi, folks, Rose here. ^_^ Today, I’d like to share more about the fundamentals of the*Changeling setting through an excerpt from Chapter 2, covering the Hedge and the beings who live there.

    Without further ado….

    The Hedge
    The Hedge is always around the edges of the mundane world. In the lonely places, where yours is the only breath stirring the air; in the uncanny places, where fear quickens your step; in the liminal places, where you hang in the balance between here and there. An abandoned office park, weedy grass breaking through broken asphalt; a graveyard, Spanish moss hanging from the low branch of a tree; a cold beach at dawn, succulents dangling over the lip of a sandy cliff. It doesn’t always rip you away from the world, briars catching you and tugging you into some dark hollow of Hobgoblins and malevolent Fae. Sometimes a fairy glen is lovely and mild, with soft places to tread, or lay down your head.

    Traversing the Hedge

    The Hedge shapes itself according to need, presence, and the available terrain. There are some constants. Its paths are always ...


    Onyx Path
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