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Fiction Friday: Convention Book: N.W.O.

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  • Fiction Friday: Convention Book: N.W.O.

    This week Control requests*all units file in for*Processing, as transcribed in the opening pages of*Convention Book: N.W.O.:

    Day 1 – Installation #417
    As the soldiers lead him to his fate, Frank Burlingame’s first thought is that the Technocracy needs to stop embracing tired science fiction clichés.

    They have him bound and immobile, yet somehow floating with them through corridors of chrome, soft blue light emanating from the spaces between panels. No windows, no smells in the perfectly sterilized air.

    He can’t identify the cause of his paralysis — even his head won’t turn — but his mystical sense has no such restrictions. He feels a void in the ebbs and weaves of the Primal Essence, as though the magic suffusing all Creation were simply, impossibly not present, and he allows himself a smile.

    They need a prison made of Primium to contain me. At least they’re affording me the proper respect.

    His journey ends in a small, windowless room, with a single chair adorned with tubes and needles. The soldiers place him in it without ceremony and leave. He hears the surge of machinery in motion, ...


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