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Prince’s Gambit & Its Final Nights (on Kickstarter) [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • Prince’s Gambit & Its Final Nights (on Kickstarter) [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Autarkis Grudge from Prince’s Gambit by Michael Gaydos


    Yes, we’re getting all crazy here at the end (or at least the end on Thursday) of the Prince’s Gambit casual card game Kickstarter, and we’re thrilled with how well it has gone so far! As I mentioned at the start, this is a very different kind of KS if only because it is a card game, and we’ve never done one of them on KS before!

    So seeing how this KS compares and contrasts to our Deluxe KSs has been fascinating and we haven’t yet seen the end. The price point being so much lower ($19 plus shipping for the deck), shipping being estimated until we add it after the KS in BackerKit, it not being like VtES or other familiar cards games from the original WW days; all of these and more have provided interesting responses and data that we know we’ll be able to use in the future.

    The Kickstarter is over on Thursday- so pop in if you can – it’s a really fun game and you can even watch ...


    Onyx Path
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