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Fiction Friday: The Beast Within Revised

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  • Fiction Friday: The Beast Within Revised

    Today we*go a little further back.*The Beast Within Revised dates back to December 2000, but Onyx Path recently recreated it for ebook formats. This story is Gherbod Fleming’s*The Inquiry.

    [From the interview of Archon Theo Bell, Clan Brujah, on 14 November 1999, conducted by Justicar Mme. Guil, Clan Toreador.]

    MG: And so, in your estimation, Archon Bell, at the point at which you lured Prince Vitel to the warehouse, he remained unaware of your harmful intent toward him?

    TB: Do you think he’d have got in that car if he’d thought I was gonna blow his [expletive deleted] head off?

    MG: I’m interested in your opinion, Archon. [pause; rattling of cellophane] I’d prefer that you didn’t smoke in here.

    TB: [barely audible muttering.]

    MG: Excuse me, Archon?

    TB: Yes. In my estimation, he remained unaware. Hell, we spent weeks briefing him and the others, telling them that the Sabbat could bust through any night. Which was true. And the scenario we constructed for Vitel was credible. When they did attack a week later, they came along the same routes I told him they were using that night.

    MG: ...


    Onyx Path
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