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Up the Amazon Without a Paddle [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • Up the Amazon Without a Paddle [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Samedi for V20 Lore of the Bloodlines by Mark Kelly


    Something about the Samedi illo by Marvelous Mark Kelly just works to encompass the overall feeling coming out of today’s meetings. Lots and lots of stuff was discussed, all being pushed, prodded, and pulled forward with a ton of energy.

    Some highlights (basically the ones I can talk about):

    1- Our Extended Media team “Amazon Explorers”, Bill Bridges and Valerie Tate, has completed the first wave of six fiction books into ebooks for sale on Amazon! That’s V20 Endless Ages, W20 Rites of Renown, M20 Truth Beyond Paradox, Curse of the Blue Nile (Mummy), The Primordial Feast (Beast), and the God-Machine Anthology (CofD).

    We don’t know when Amazon will put the books live, but we’re hoping to give out links on Wednesday with our weekly sales posts. This is our first foray into that jungle, so it’ll be really interesting to see what happens!

    Congrats to both Bill and Val for pulling the project forward and if it works, expect Wave 2 in about a month or so!

    This is not the only Extended Media ...


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