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Dragon-Blooded Charms preview! [Exalted]

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  • Dragon-Blooded Charms preview! [Exalted]

    Hey y’all. Vance here, with a preview from our upcoming book Dragon-Blooded: What Fire Has Wrought. Keeping in mind that this isn’t final draft material and is still subject to significant change, let’s dive into our first preview for the Dragon-Blooded Charms.

    Dragon-Blooded Charms are drawn from their Abilities, like the Solars, but in addition, each Charm resonates with the Essence of one or more of Creation’s five elements: Air, Earth, Fire, Water, and Wood.

    Deep-Listening Palm
    Cost: 5m; Mins: Awareness 2, Essence 1; Type: Simple

    Keywords: Earth

    Duration: One scene

    Prerequisite Charms: None

    Touching a surface or barrier made out of earthen or wooden materials, the Dragon-Blooded displaces her sense of hearing into the Essence of earth. She can listen through that barrier as though it were not there. Metal or similarly durable materials may require a (Perception + Awareness) roll of difficulty 3+ to hear through. On a failed roll, the Exalt is only able to hear fragments of conversation or certain noises determined by the Storyteller with this Charm for the rest of the scene. She cannot listen through barriers made of the magical ...


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