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Revising Endowments [Hunter: The Vigil]

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  • Revising Endowments [Hunter: The Vigil]

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    Fans who are already familiar with Hunter: The Vigil know that Endowments are special abilities given to hunters who are part of a conspiracy. In Hunter: The Vigil 2nd Edition, we have decided to rework Endowments to mesh better with 2E rules.

    Today, I am linking to our first attempt to redesign Endowments. I want to stress that this draft, which is timestamped April 27, 2017, does not represent the final ruleset or a confirmed approach. I felt that this change was perfect to share via OpenDevelopment, and your feedback will make our design stronger. You can help by testing out the instructions to create an Endowment. What’s clear? What’s confusing? What’s extraneous or needs to be better defined? You can also help by playtesting the new Endowments to help us work out the bugs.

    Link to Read Proposal for Endowment Redesign

    To illustrate the rule changes, we have provided examples of how Endowments are built using the new system in our proposal. I am offering one such example below, to show you the current direction we’re taking. ...


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