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Mayday! [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • Mayday! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Don’t worry, there’s lots to get excited about, but no bad emergency Mayday! alerts. Unless the cover of Rites of Renown‘s charging Garou scares you. Which it could!

    I just couldn’t resist the title for the blog, since it is May 1st as I write this.

    We actually have so many projects going out in so many stages that it’s quite the whirlwind: I’m still making sure that the Deluxe Exalted 3rd KS packages all get to their backers, Changeling 20th‘s Backer PDF is just about ready to be sent out to those KS backers, we’re expecting the Prince’s Gambit pledge confirmations from Kickstarter so we can create the PG BackerKit site (and meanwhile, Justin, Eddy, and Matthew Dawkins are writing up the additional Clan cards), and we seem to be putting out the “companion” books that all came out of Kickstarters about every other week!

    Like Lore of the Bloodlines (went on sale last week), CofD: Dark Eras Companion (going on sale this week), and the V20 Dark Ages Companion (at approvals at WWP).

    And then we’re working on getting all the pieces ...


    Onyx Path
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