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  • [Pugmire] May Update!

    (Reposted from the Kickstarter)

    Greetings, nobledogs! I have some more updates, but first a quick bit of re-organization. As a second Kickstarter comes over the horizon (more on that below!), I felt it was best to divide this update by Kickstarter campaign. That way Rose can more easily post this information across campaigns, and everyone is informed (some of you more than once!)

    Pugmire Core Rulebook
    We’re getting specifications from the printer, and tweaking things like the final cover. Exciting! (In a very technical and production-oriented way.)

    Related Stuff
    Dice, cards, and the screen are all proofed and off to their respective printers!
    Last month, a backer asked about the state of the wooden boxes. I admit I hadn’t been keeping track of that, but Rich was on the ball. He tells me they’re all done and ready to be shipped once the rest of the items are printed. This is why Onyx Path is such a great partner to work with.

    Fiction Anthology
    Jim is sending notes out to the authors now, so they should be diving into their second drafts.

    Pan’s Guide

    Revisions are in! Matthew’s done ...


    Onyx Path
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