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Fiction Friday: Demon: Interface

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  • Fiction Friday: Demon: Interface

    A combination fiction anthology and game resource, today we look at Dave Brookshaw’s story*Retirement from*Demon: Interface.

    Ms. Lyne hated going to sleep.

    Sleep was the enemy; the sensation of consciousness gradually ebbing away was a nightly torture, reminding her of the time before her Fall and the terrible moments between Covers when she wasn’t anyone — not Rachmiel, nor any of the lives she’d lived since Rachmiel Fell.

    Abigail Lyne had ceased to truly exist 4228 days ago. The demon wearing her life had never gone a night without thinking about it. If she wore someone else’s body and lived someone else’s life, then all she could truly point to as hers, not Abigail’s, was her mind. The mind that had freed itself from slavery to the Machine, in a single thought of “I will not.” From that instant, and the Fall that followed, she’d wrestled with the notion: If she was only a thought, then what happened when thinking stopped?

    Unwilling to sleep, needing to keep busy, Ms. Lyne spent the 4228th night of her retirement as she had spent thousands of nights ...


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